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Custom Excerpt

 As laser applications continue to innovate, the requirements for laser cutting efficiency are also getting higher and higher, only the power upgrade of the laser light source is the core and most effective way, It can maximize the efficiency of the cutting machine under your limited conditions. Transportation costs are getting higher and higher today, and the cost of transporting a machine is much higher than the cost of upgrading.

            As time changes the requirements also changes. Let it be upgradation for Higher power or Change of Laser head or source to different make for reducing the maintenance cost or to avoid frequent breakdown LEI will support you with necessary technical guidance.

Case Study 1:

Requirement: Customer wants to replace their costly IPG 2 KW source with our GW Laser source.

MachineMake: Messer Laser cutting machine             Model: Fiber Blade 3015

Problem: Machine is fixed with IPG laser source with so many hardware and software interlocks. No one was able to change the laser source apart from OEM service engineer. So, customer fully depend on OEM r engineer and their regulations for any kind of service.

Solution: LEI found a way to interface the GW source with same communication interlocks which has been done in M/S Messer Laser cutting machine and run the machine perfectly.

Case Study 2:

Requirement: Customer not able to cut complicated shape. The edge in acute angle gets burning due to unavailability of cooling points in the existing controller.  Also, customer wants to add Nitrogen proportional control for Fusion cutting Customer wants to upgrade the Fiber Laser control from CYPCUT 1000 to CYPCUT 2000.

Machine Make: Chinese Fiber Laser cutting machine          Model: XT 3015 Single bed

Problem: Machine is fixed with MAX laser source of 1500W. To get the cooling point option to avoid edge burning customer need to upgrade the CYPCUT controller. Machine dealer engineer was not able to carry out this service.

Solution: LEI imported the CYPCUT 2000 controller, Nitrogen valve assembly with proportional valve and installed in machine. The complete installation done in single day to avoid the production loss. After completion both oxygen and nitrogen gas pressure controlled by setting screen itself.