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  Contaminated gas will make your internal oscillator system optics to degrade easily and reduce the cutting speed, finishing of the component and increase the cycle time. Frequent replacement of costly FANUC internal optics will give a heart ache huge maintenance cost. LEI got the right solutions for it. We super clean the optics and recondition the same to restore the properties as NEW. Over 100 installations of refurbished internal and external mirrors in INDIA, which makes us to say proudly we are the BEST IN FIELD to REDUCE YOUR MAINTENANCE COST.


Before Refurbishment:

Analysis: we analysed that the internal optics life greatly reduced due to improper periodic maintenance, Mixture Gas quality (LASER GAS), Leak in internal system, Leak in external gas tubes and other fittings.


Beam Alignment Failure:

  • Beam not parallel through one or more axis, Struck the lens holder
  • Beam mark not centred (or) Improper mounting of optics.
  • Improper mirror alignment

Mirror Contamination

  • Black discoloration proceeding towards centre may indicate a water leakage from the mirror mount, evaporating coolant in beam path or moisture in beam purge.
  • Improper cleaning materials like lens cleaning tissue paper, Acetone, Ethanol will damage the coating of the mirrors and reduces the life time gradually.
  • Man-handling the vacuum chamber parts like discharge tubes, mirrors will damage the parts.
  • Not carrying recommended periodic maintenance like cleaning of internal mirrors once in every 3000 to 4000 Hours will leave residue in mirrors and damage the surface coating.

Beam mode

  Distorted mode can generate a massive energy to be concentrated into a small spot on the mirrors, leading to a mirror explosion. In most cases, incorrect beam mode occurs because of mirror misalignment or failure in the beam delivery cooling system.



Aged discharge tube powder particles damaging the internal optics

Aged discharge tube powder particles damaging the internal optics

Permanent dust residue due to improper periodic cleaning

Aged discharge tube powder particles damaging the internal optics

After Refurbishment:

   Our special refurbishment technique removes the contamination and extends the optics life and thus reducing the customer’s maintenance cost. Periodic ULTRA-Cleaning of Discharge tubes prevents further deterioration of mirrors and ensure the quality BEAM DELIVERY LIKE NEW as always.

Refurbished Optics with properties and appears to be just like BRAND NEW optics